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Feedback — Telegram

You can give us feedback in different ways. There are Telegram chat,  mailing list, and e-mail.

First, you can join our DXsoft-Support telegram chat.

Second, you can join our mailing list in “Groups.io” service. You will receive announcements about new versions of our software and can discuss problems with software authors and other users there. Click there or drop an empty message to dxsoft+subscribe@groups.io to subscribe. The link to unsubscribe will be available in the each issue of the list.

Third, you can directly email to the program developer. Note that programs in left column of “products” page (AALog, AALog contest module, AAVoice, Cluster monitor and Hamport) are supported by  . Programs in right column of “products” page (TrueTTY, CwGet, SeaTTY, CwType and Switcher) are supported by  ex UA9OSV.

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