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Gpx2bin v1.20

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GPS track converter. Software converts track to Navitel tracks.bin file.

Platform: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Windows Mobile 2003/5.x/6.x

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The author’s program overview

Gpx2bin is a software to convert GPS track file *.gpx, *.mps, *.plt or *.nmea, created by GPS software, to the Tracks.bin file of Navitel Navigator to see this track as "blue line".


Make sure that Navitel Navigator is not running.
Start Gpx2bin.
Select output file by "Tools / Set output file" menu if it is necessary.
Click at "Open file" menu item.
Select track file type and name.
Wait message about convertion result.
Close software by "Tools/Exit" menu item.

Gpx2bin can get input file name from command line, so it also can be started by "Open with" command of file manager. Software should not be already running in this case.

Output file includes not above 9996 track points. If input track is larger, it is thinning to place all track into output file.

Zip-archive includes two CAB-files:
gpx2bin.cab is not signed files, to install at Windows Mobile 2003.
gpx2bin_signed.cab is signed files, to install at WM 5.x and WM6.x .


Gpx2bin v1.20 for PDA — 32 401 bytes
USA 1 | USA 2

Gpx2bin v1.20 for desktop computer — 93 143 bytes
USA 1 | USA 2


This product is freeware!

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