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Cluster monitor. A tool for monitoring popular web-cluster service from OH9W/OH2AQ Radio Club Switcher. Simple software to handle devices connected to LPT port

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HF Pager versions history


HF Pager can works as a weather informer now.

The “Setup / Beacon & APRS / Reset beacon timer on message or beacon is receiving” option was made.

Messages and beacons from own ID are not received now.


An error in the symbol synchronization algorithm was fixed.

Used baud rate is saved in the text header of sent or received message.

The acknowledge packet (ACK) includes the Error Rate of the received message, which is then stored in the sent message text header.


The bug was fixed - a CW-ID was transmitted not only after a beacon, but also after a general message.


You can now manually set the coordinates used in the beacon when there is no GPS receiver (or when there is no data from it).

You can now include a CW-ID (up to 16 symbols) in the beacon.

The set of possible beacon transmission periods has been changed.

The waterfall displays the receiving frequencies corresponding to the selected baud rate, as well as the nominal receiving frequencies for the 1.46 bauds speed.

The weather forecasts received from the HFPgate (V1.60 NG and newer or HFP Weather) by the “=x...” command are converted to the human-readable form and saved into the special folder. A separate folder is created for all messages received on the same day (local or UTC time, dependings on the settings). Therefore, when the weather request is making around midnight the sequence of received forecasts can be splitted into two folders.

Minor fixes have been made.


The click on “=xGPS” or “#(GPS)” button inserts the current GPS-coordinates into the beginning of the message (in one of the two formats).

A point with the received coordinates can be displayed on the selected map by the popup menu.


The minimum preamble length has been increased to three seconds.

The retransmission logic was changed:
If a NAK (error receipt) is received, then a message is retrassmitted even if Resent till not CFM checkbox is not set.

PTT control options OmniRig / CAT and OmniRig / Com-port pins were added.

At 23.44 and 46.88 baud rates ACK or NAK are repeated twice (with single preamble).


Baud rate of 23.44 Bd was added. The signal bandwidth in this mode is about 500 Hz. The center frequency of the audio signal at this speed is about 1711 Hz and cannot be changed by the user.

The “Setup / Beacon & APRS / Reset beacon timer on a message sending” option was made.

Any COM-port of COM1...COM99 can be used for PTT control or GPS-receiver connection.

Minor improvements of the program interface were made.


Some minor bugs were fixed.


The “Carrier detector” was radically redesigned.

A symbol sync was slightly improved.

Bugs in the Error Rate calculation were fixed.


The signal quality indicator (Error Rate) is been writing into the text of the received message.

Baud rate of 46.88 Bd was added. The signal bandwidth in this mode is about one kilohertz, so use it in those parts of the bands in which wide band digital modes are allowed. The center frequency of the audio signal at this speed is about 1711 Hz and cannot be changed by the user.

To reduce the load on the processor, you can reduce the number of simultanious decoding baud rates (Setup / RX Speeds).


CPU load has been drastically reduced.

Channel busy detection algorithm was improved.

Channel sharing algorithm was improved.


The select of interface language during installation (English or Russian).


An activation key can be requested directly from the program now.


New licencing system.
Support of e-mail and SMS gates.
Support of OBS (Online Backup Service).


A bug in the installer script was fixed.
The range of automatically assigned IDs in the trial version is changed to 65401 ... 65464.


A workaround to bypass incorrect GPS output.


A support of GPS-receiver.


The first official release

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